Traveling Pizza 

Tired of "Tri-Tip or Chicken?" When was the last time you went to a party or event that
provided something completely different? Here's your chance! We're in the business of
blowing peoples minds. Not only is our pizza amazing, but our unique setup and mobile
oven are a true work of art.

We love to cater a wide range of parties and events. From private parties, family picnics, reunions, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, block parties, holidays, YOU NAME IT!

Our ovens are so fast and efficient that we can provide for a party of over 200 guests with the most delicious pizza you've ever experienced. At top speed we can produce 100+ pizzas per hour,
each one feeding 2-3 guests at a time.

Each party includes 4 Types of large 12 Inch "Specialty" pizzas from the Menu.
You can also include 1 custom "Create Your Own" pizza instead of one of those choices.
We will provide Cheese and Pepperoni Pizzas along with your 4 options. (6 total options)
We guarantee that your party will be "All you can eat" and you'll never run out of pizza as long as the guest count is approximately accurate to the number of guests attending.

Prices vary depending on location, day of the week, and number of guests in attendance.
*We are very affordable compared to most catering companies.

Please call or email Derek at for a quote.

All catered events include paper plates & napkins. Plastic utensils provided for events if
salads or appetizers are requested. We also provide Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes.
Each pizza is served buffet style on our decorative tables.

Catering Prices depend on Date, Guest Count, and Location.
Please email us with your party details for a quote!

Traveling Pizza
10 East Main Street
Turlock Ca, 95380

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